Saturday 19 November 2016

Writer On Hire! One condition, symbolic compatibity!

Do you want an article like these ones about your work, 
its creative force 
and its deNsity and future potential?
Well, good news, you almost certainly can have one.
Just expose me to your work in person 
(I need to physically see it)
and after that first encounter
I can tell you if I can write about it or not.

If I say no, 
do not despair, 
it will not be an objective refusal of your creative work, 
just a difficulty of mine to enter your symbolic world at this specific present time.
The difficulty is actually a positive thing and it can be overcome.
So my refusal will not be forever, it only means I need more time.

Do not give up.

If you want this writer to write about you, well, in other words, 
if you want this writer to be a sort of cosmic amplifier 
of the message you are trasmitting trough your creative work,
come back and ask again.
Another future time will be more appropriate for us to creatively synchronize.

If I say yes,
we negotiate the details,
how long the article has to be, for what use, in what language, for when and for how much.

So, Writer For Hire,
come look for me!

P.S: The articles will be written in 4 languages only, in English, French, Italian and Modern Greek.
I can also translate my own articles between these languages.

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